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    Emma Watson on her Harpers Bazaar Photoshoot in 2011. [x]

    The first look which we did were the hard ones, which was me in a wig with big, red lips. The photographer had to keep reminding me, “be a bitch, look hard,” and I struggled a bit more because I kept feeling awkward and uncomfortable. But we got there in the end, by the last shot I had my “mean look” down. For the more, kind of innocent, pretty look was sort of easier. I’m much more used to being asked to smile. So it was really fun because I got to play two different characters, which really helps if you’re British, I think, because, um, you know, you have something to be or something to give. Yeah, it was great to come into a shoot with that idea, so yeah, it was fun.

    - Emma Watson on her Harpers Bazaar shoot.

Tom Felton @ FAULT Magazine

      Tom Felton @ FAULT Magazine

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