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Hey friends, today I am writing to inform you all that my mother is involved in a competition to win a giving trip with Tom’s Shoes to help others in need, and you all may be able to help her.


For those of you who don’t know my mom, she is among the greatest women alive. She has always been…

Hey guys please read this post and vote for my mama to win a giving trip with Tom’s shoes! 

    So I have an interview for an internship on Friday at a weekly paper in Orlando and I am FREAKING out over what to wear to the interview. I dont want to overdress but I do want to look polished and pretty.

    Fashion peeps, help me out here!

    They are a publication showcasing the restaurants, bars, live music, etc that goes on in our area.

    What would you wear to an interview there?


      Everything is a disaster right now.

      Working on my Halloween costume…my plan for weeks now has been to go as Poison Ivy

      I have a leotard, garlands of faux ivy leaves, tights, everything.

      I’m hot gluing all of the leaves on the front right now and what do you know I go to try it on (I’ve only finished the front) and it DOESNT FUCKING FIT.

      It took me five minutes to get the leotard past my thighs and big ass. There are now gaping spaces of white where you can see the leotard through the leaves because it has now stretched. 

      So now I’m terrified of what to do.

      Do I bother even trying to fix this?  How would I stretch the leotard out so that when I put the leaves on it won’t constrict me from getting in it? Or do I go the route of trying to take these leaves off and just put them on an old bra and bathing suit bottom? I’m not exactly a size 0 (I’m a size 4) but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.

      WHAT DO I DO?!

        I want to start watching Game of Thrones

        But it seems like the internet is against me as I can’t find one place to watch it online

        Le sigh…

        Someone help?